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Medal holder 003

DMSI00004 Medal holder 003 include two set 001

Buy medal holder 003*

Size medal holder: 60х10 cm.
Allows to place 40 medals.

Price: $49.3  

* It is required to select the image or offer your own version.

Medal Holder 003 consists of two Holders 001. Medal Holder 003 consists of two main panels connected to one line and intended for hanging medals, and two removable (changeable) decorative panel covering the main panel.

Material: basic elements – metal, connection elements – plastic and magnets.
Color: white, with a light matte shade.
The kit (set) includes: Medal Holder, fasteners (connection elements), instructions, packaging.

Construction of medal holder - collapsible. Compounds of the layers is carried out by means of special fasteners on neodymium magnets, which provides easy access layers of holders to add new medals.

A distinctive feature of the product is the ability to increase holder- using the same connection on the right or on the left or add a main panel for hanging medals.

The image on a holder can be changed at any time. The image is printed on special paper with a magnetic layer.

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