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Medal holder 002

DMSI00002 Medal holder 002 include two main panel and decorate panel

Buy medal holder 002*

Size medal holder: 30х10 cm.
Allows to place 40 medals.

Price: $43  

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Medal Holder 002 consists of 2 main panel intended for suspension of medals and one decorative panel (for decorative magnet) closing the main panel.

Material: basic elements – metal, connection elements – plastic and magnets.
Color: white, with a light matte shade.
The kit (set) includes: Medal Holder, fasteners (connection elements), instructions, packaging.

Construction of medal holder - collapsible. Compounds of the layers is carried out by means of special fasteners on neodymium magnets, which provides easy access layers of holders to add new medals.

A distinctive feature of the product is the ability to increase holder- using the same connection on the right or on the left or add a main panel for hanging medals.

The image on a holder can be changed at any time. The image is printed on special paper with a magnetic layer.

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